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Artist Stavit Allweis is currently directing and shooting live action for a B&W print graphic novel. After many years of courting narrative structures in her fine art and comics she is venturing out of her comfort zone, the solitary painting studio, and into the hectic arena of the film set. Although her downward-spiraling tragicomic story is being shot in rapid stills for print, Allweis has been rehearsing and staging the events as if for film. Her love of cinematic storytelling has been a guiding force on this project and she is culling her compositions and camera manuvers from the great films of the silent era and the 40's.

Allweis pays homage with this project to the pulp genre of photographed comics widespread in the 70's in Europe (fumetti, in Italian) and South America (the fotonovela). These comics delivered crime, violence and sex to their male readers and in separate volumes, romance and intrigue to the females. Allweis combines both in her script and compounds these low common denominators with an overarching comment on carnality versus spirituality in the human predicament.

The slow production approach she has chosen (Shooting on weekends over many months) is a sharp departure from the industry's modus operandi and is designed to cultivate deeper interpretations by the actors and allow for organic transformations in plot and visuals.

You can follow her work progress on her art blog countercomics.com The script is available upon request.

Allweis is currently producing the project with her own fast dwindling savings and with material and logistical backing from Circle Arts. A complete proposal and budget are available for prospective producers/publishers to browse. Please contact sallweis@gmail.com.

Theater of the Magical Real presents Fairytale Experiment

Theater of the Magical Real is a multi media performance collective. We began as the Fairytale Experiment in February of 2009, hosted by C. Spot Studios, a community arts space created in 2003. The Fairytale Experiment is an ongoing project to create new fairytales through open workshops. We invite artists of all disciplines, from dancers and writers and actors, to scientists and builders. Our play-shops explore ideas through movement, writing exercises, discussion, and improvisation.

The Fairytale Experiment has brought together over a hundred artists, including the core team that has grown into Theater of the Magical Real, which we launched in the autumn of 2009. We are currently working on our first full-length production, "Alice in the Underground" written by Charlotte Gaspard & the Fairytale Experiment, with music by Brooklyn-based artist, La Mer (www.myspace.com/lamermusique) and San Lluis (www.myspace.com/sanlluis) a French composer.

Special Thanks to Circle Arts for their support and sponsorship!

Here is a short film created by the collective, "The Metrocard Fairy"

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