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6th and B Garden (East Village) - Saturday, July 30, 2011

Amidst the heat and the summer breeze Circle Arts beckons artists to leave the studio and work outdoors.
Creativity should not only happen indoors.

* Big Plastic Finger * Shanimal - Rough and Tumble Blues * Joshua Tentant - Solo Brazilian Guitar *
Jim Earl of Crash Robin Solo Performance * Wall Street Pigs perform the Famous Pie Dance *

Art & Performance:
*Paul Bartlett * Deborah Blau * Barbara Caporale * Rockella Caporale *
Chassy Cleland * Ken Colosky * Elliot Crown * Dana Voehl Graham *
Maria Moreno * Marilo Puerta * Kennyray Scallon * Ben Schneck * Amy Shapiro *
Nylaia Silvia * Kirsten Tarr * Jennifer Upchurch * Len Vretholm *


The Great Art Escape Photo Archives


© abjectphoto Community garden 6 street & ave b, New York NY 2011


© abjectphoto Community garden 6 street & ave b, New York NY 2011

Epitaph Gallery Show 2011

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Meat Gallery Show 2010

Heroes Show at Clemente Soto Velez Gallery

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Time Capsule Show at the VOD

Twenty years ago a time capsule was buried below the floorboards of the VOD, formerly known as the Lizardís Tail, a performance art club in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. Two decades later we return to look at who we were in the late 1980ís. In retrospect, there is what we hope to discover, and what we fear from the past. To look honestly upon our history is a daring act of courage. To see clearly what we were, teaches us who we have become. Create your own time capsule for future generations to discover, or express what your time capsule from your past would contain.

Chassy Cleland

The Watch

The Watch is an installation about evidence and the stories told about the origin of life. The Watch draws from worldwide folklore, scientific method and the 150 year debate over evolution. The centerpiece was a 14' diameter working pocketwatch surrounded by a dozen zoetropes designed to look like scattered watch gears.


LIPS = LOVE by Jen Upchurch

LIPS = LOVE allows a unique look into the human lips and provides an artistic and magical journey to expand the mind to envision lips in a different creative way.

Second, LIPS = LOVE provides the public to be in a more loving artistic environment by sharing their love and peace by using their lips.


Past Works

Rebirth at St. Cornelius, held on Governor's Island, in partnership with Trinity Church

photo by Carl Saytor

photo by Carl Saytor

photo by Carl Saytor

photo by Carl Saytor

photo by Carl Saytor

photo by Carl Saytor

The Deviant Playground

Interview with Matty Jankowski, President of Circle Arts from the 1990s until 2005

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